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The Nitrox Course is your gateway to extended underwater adventures. This specialized training introduces you to the use of Enriched Air Nitrox, a breathing gas with a higher oxygen content than regular air, allowing for longer bottom times and shorter surface intervals. In this course, you'll learn the benefits and safety protocols associated with diving on Nitrox, equipping you with the knowledge to plan and execute dives using this gas mix. Whether you're a recreational diver seeking longer dive times or looking to delve deeper into the world of technical diving, the Nitrox Course provides the skills and certification to enhance your underwater experiences safely.

Nitrox Dry

The Nitrox Dry Course is a specialized training program that focuses on safely handling and managing Enriched Air Nitrox cylinders and equipment, typically for technical divers. Unlike the standard Nitrox course, which teaches divers how to use Nitrox underwater, the Nitrox Dry Course doesn't involve diving with the gas.

Instead, it equips divers with the knowledge and skills required to analyze, label, and manage Nitrox cylinders and equipment properly. This is essential for technical divers who use Nitrox in various mixtures for decompression, accelerated decompression, or other specific dive profiles.

By completing the Nitrox Dry Course, divers gain a deeper understanding of gas management and safety protocols, ensuring that Nitrox cylinders are correctly labeled, analyzed, and used in accordance with established guidelines. This knowledge is crucial for divers involved in technical or extended-range diving where precise gas management is paramount for safety and successful dive execution.


The Wreck Dive Course offers divers a fascinating opportunity to explore the mysterious world of sunken ships and underwater wrecks. During this specialized training, divers will acquire the skills and knowledge needed to safely navigate and explore wreck dive sites.

Under the guidance of experienced instructors, participants will learn wreck-specific techniques, including wreck penetration, proper equipment configuration, and wreck mapping. The course emphasizes safety protocols and responsible wreck diving practices to ensure a secure and enjoyable experience.

Wreck diving not only provides a glimpse into history but also offers a unique habitat for marine life, making it a captivating and rewarding adventure for divers of various skill levels. Whether you're a novice or experienced diver, the Wreck Dive Course opens the door to a world of underwater exploration, where each wreck tells a story waiting to be uncovered beneath the waves. Join us and embark on a journey that combines history, adventure, and the beauty of the underwater realm.

Deep, Night or Side mount

The Deep Night Course is an exhilarating and unique diving experience that combines the thrill of exploring the depths with the mystery of night diving. As a specialized training program, it offers divers the opportunity to venture into the deeper realms of the underwater world after the sun has set.

Under the guidance of expert instructors, participants will learn how to safely conduct night dives at greater depths, exploring the captivating nocturnal marine life that comes to life in the inky darkness. The course covers essential skills such as underwater navigation, communication, and low-light equipment use, ensuring divers are well-prepared for the adventure.

Diving in deeper waters at night opens up a whole new world of underwater wonders, including encounters with unique creatures and behaviors not typically seen during daytime dives. The Deep Night Course promises not only excitement but also an opportunity for personal growth and a deeper connection to the marine environment.

Join us for the Deep Night Course and experience the enchantment of nighttime diving in the deep, where every descent becomes an extraordinary adventure into the heart of the ocean's mysteries.

Drift or Boat

The Drift or Boat Dive Course is your gateway to exploring the ocean's wonders in two distinct and exciting ways.

In the Drift Dive Course, you'll learn the techniques and skills needed to navigate effortlessly with the ocean's currents. Drift diving allows you to cover more underwater terrain with less effort, making it ideal for exploring vibrant coral reefs and encountering a variety of marine life. This course focuses on safety protocols, buoyancy control, and how to use the current to your advantage, ensuring a thrilling yet secure diving experience.

On the other hand, the Boat Dive Course prepares you for the unique challenges and opportunities of diving from a boat. You'll discover the ins and outs of boat diving, from understanding boat layouts and safety procedures to perfecting entry and exit techniques. Whether you're diving in tropical waters or exploring remote dive sites, this course equips you with the skills to maximize your boat diving adventures.

Whether you choose the Drift or Boat Dive Course, you'll gain valuable knowledge and experience that will enhance your diving journey, allowing you to explore a diverse range of underwater environments with confidence and ease. Join us for these courses and embark on exciting underwater adventures that await you both beneath the waves and aboard a dive boat.

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