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Sunshine Divers Club

Are you ready to explore the underwater world? Learn scuba diving with our experienced instructors and discover a whole new world of adventure. From beginner to advanced, we offer courses for all levels. Book your class today and start underwater journey!

Scuba Diver
Emergency First Respond

Emergency First Response Course

Gain essential lifesaving skills with our Emergency First Response course, ensuring safety for divers and handling dive-related emergencies with confidence.  see more


Scuba Diver Update to Open Water 

Elevate your dive journey: Upgrade to Open Water Diver. see more

Open Water Diver

Open Water Course

Rescue Diver

Rescue Diver Course

Become a guardian of the deep with our Rescue Diver Course, mastering critical skills to respond effectively to underwater emergencies

see more.

Reference Line

Open Water Course & Advanced Open Water

 get the compoo set for your vacation sign up for the Scuba diving full range  see more

Advanced Open Water Diver

Advanced Open Water Course

Elevate your diving skills with our Advanced Open Water Course, designed to expand your underwater horizons and enhance your expertise

see more.

Re Activate

Scuba Review/Reactivate

Refresh your diving skills and regain confidence with our Scuba Review/Reactivate course. see more

Night Dive

Explore the mysterious depths of the ocean with our night dive experience. Witness the beauty of nocturnal marine life and discover a whole new world beneath the waves. Book your night dive adventure today and create unforgettable memories. see more

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