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About Sunshine Divers Club

Explore the Wonders of the Ocean with Us

Sunshine Divers Club Since 1940

Sheikh Saad, our founder, was not only a wise man, but also a visionary who saw the potential of his town and the importance of preserving its natural beauty. As an old Bedouin man who had lived in Sharm El Sheikh for his entire life, he had always been passionate about the beauty of the Red Sea and the incredible underwater world that lay just beyond the shoreline.

As the town began to grow and tourism started to take off, Sheikh Saad saw an opportunity to share his love of the sea with others. He decided to create a beautiful place that would offer the best diving experience in the area, while also promoting sustainability and responsible tourism.

He spent years working on his vision, building a beachfront resort that he named “Sunshine”. The resort quickly became known for its pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and incredible dive sites.

But Sheikh Saad’s vision was about more than just providing a great vacation spot. He was committed to protecting the delicate ecosystem of the Red Sea and promoting sustainable tourism practices. He worked tirelessly to educate visitors about the importance of preserving the natural beauty of the area and to ensure that his resort operated in an environmentally responsible way.

Over time, Sunshine became a beloved destination for divers and beach-goers alike. Sheikh Saad’s commitment to sustainability and responsible tourism became a model for others in the industry, and his legacy lived on long after he passed away.

Meet Our Expert Team

Get to know the incredible individuals who make up the heart of Sunshine Divers Club. Our team is united by a deep-seated love for the ocean and a commitment to ensuring that every diving experience is nothing short of extraordinary. Learn more about the dedicated professionals who are dedicated to sharing their expertise and passion for diving with you.

Liam Smith

Lead Dive Instructor

As our lead dive instructor, Liam brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to every diving session. His dedication to safety, combined with his enthusiasm for marine life, creates an enriching and secure environment for divers under his guidance.

Ella Johnson

Marine Biologist and Dive Guide

Ella's profound understanding of marine ecosystems adds a fascinating dimension to every dive. Her insightful commentary and guidance provide divers with a deeper appreciation for the underwater world, making each dive an educational and awe-inspiring experience.

Max Rodriguez

Underwater Photography Specialist

Max's artistic eye captures the magic of the ocean, allowing divers to preserve their most cherished moments beneath the waves. With a keen understanding of underwater photography techniques, Max ensures that every dive becomes a visually stunning memory to treasure forever.

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